There are a lot log splitters for sale, coming in a variety of designs and manners of operation to provide you the right choice depending on your purpose. There are manual log splitters which are operated by hand. These splitters do not need fuel of any kind and are a more efficient and safer alternative to the axe. It is lightweight and portable enough to be carried to your job site. A manual variant of a splitter is most practical for those small wood chopping jobs for home and personal use. Black Diamond Log Splitter also costs much less than its electric or gas-powered cousins.

For medium to high production requirements or for your woodworking shop, an electric log splitter could be right for you. It is built with an electric motor which basically does all the cutting for you. It eliminates almost all physical effort needed as all the operator does is to place the log to be cut over the electric splitter. The log is then cut according to what the user wants in a matter of seconds, making it possible to produce higher volumes of cut logs in a short amount of time. All it needs is a stable and dedicated power source such as your workshop's wall outlet or a portable electric power generator, for those jobs in the field.

There's also the gasoline or diesel-power log splitter. These splitters are larger, industrial strength machines used mainly for logging operations. It can cut hardwood and thicker logs which a smaller electric or manual log splitter cannot otherwise. Gasoline and diesel splitters require tow trucks to carry them to the job site, such as forests and logging areas. If you are in the construction business, a heavy-duty gasoline or diesel splitter could improve your productivity and sales. It gives you even lumber sizes every time in a much shorter period. It provides a significant return of investment because the productivity and efficiency it brings to your logging operations will definitely minimize or eliminate losses which will translate to more profits and sales.

Improve and ease the work in your woodworking activities by availing of the right kind of splitter for your jobs. Whether for personal or business use, you can find a right one among the log splitters for sale in the market today. Make your woodworking jobs easier, safer and more enjoyable with a new Lumber Jack Log Splitter now!