Log Splitter offer all-new safety features that make them totally compliant with industry safety standards and regulations.

The main improved safety feature is the two-handed protected control levers which require both hands to be on the controls during the splitting stroke and its return. This design came about after it was seen that a number of accidents occurred when operators used their spare hand to adjust logs while the splitter was working. The two handed approached removes this potential risk

The work table area has also been increased to hold more rounds and/or split wood, and the support legs give a stable working platform.

All splitters now have a waterproof container to hold the operating and safety manual, and signage has been improved to give clear safety and hazard identification during the operation.

Offered with 6, 9 and 14hp motors and a choice of 2 vertical and 3 horizontal trailer models, all units can be registered and warranted, and there is also a choice of vertical and horizontal three-point-linkage model for tractors.

The 9 and 14hp models have the added option of a hydraulic China Log Splitter arm to assist lifting large logs onto the working table.